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How to convert regular wordpress blog into membership website in less than 50 seconds with MemberWing-X plugin

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MemberWing – WordPress Membership Site plugin:

  • Simple!
    • Download + activate MemberWing.
    • Insert anywhere in post simple text marker: {+++}. Everything before marker – is free “teaser”. Everything after – premium protected content.
    • Done!
  • SEO (Search Engine) Optimized from the ground up. Multi-dimensional SEO functions allows you to use teasers (short snippets of text) visible to anyone, including search engines, while keeping your main contents protected and accessible only to members. This feature helps your membership site to be found by prospects on all search engines.
  • New: Convert your existing blog to membership site in minutes without *any* changes on your site. Just install and activate MemberWing-X, go to MemberWingX->Categories Settings, set exceprt length and premium marker for any category like that: {{{gold}}}. Done! See MemberWing-X manual for more details about usage of premium markers.
  • New: Manage access to time-sensitive and time critical information. MemberWing-X TSI (Time-Sensitive Information) Edition caters to industry and market professionals such as research analysts, strategists, investment and securities industry advisors, trading experts and others.
    MemberWing-X TSI helps professionals to offer and manage access to time sensitive information, time-delayed information, real-time news, urgent advisories,
    critical opportunity alerts and warnings directly through their websites, and fully autmatically.
  • Digital Content Theft Protection and Tracing – TraceFusion. Find out exactly who steals, ilslegally shares and distributes your premium materials on internet. Detect, Trace, Terminate and Prosecute members who are involved in illegal sharing of your premium digital content. TraceFusion is like CCTV security camera with night vision and recording – but implemented as a software to protect your digital property against crooks, giving you the power to protect your online business like never before.
  • Digital Content Download Protection. Protects your files against unauthorized downloads due to link sharing and link “guessing”. No more problems with link sharing!
  • Digital Content Automated Promotion (PromoFusion). When free visitor clicks or attempts to view premium download materials – he will see “promotional” version of material, instead of “access denied” or 404 error. This feature brings extra promotional powers to your membership site, keeps visitors staying longer, helps to convert visitors to buyers and gives you extra SEO boost on Google.
  • First Click Free. First Click Free feature allows better promotion of membership site on search engines. Implemented according to Google First Click Free Specs.
  • Gradual Content delivery functionality now included into MemberWing premium edition. This functionality gives you ability to release more content to longer staying members automatically. Protects you against stealing of content, keeps paying members to stay active for longer and opens possibilities to operate multiple recurring payment membership sites on autopilot. This is a separate plugin that is packaged with MemberWing premium editions.
  • Progressive and Mixed Content Protection. Allows you to mix different levels of premium content within single article or page. Great feature to stimulate your members to upgrade their membership levels to see more content.
  • Fast. Lightweight code does not slow down content delivery.
  • Integrated with AWeber and MailChimp autoresponders. Integration with professional autoresponders allows you to have new members automatically added to your mailing list hosted with the system of your choice.
  • Supports Paypal (IPN) integration for fully automated payment processing. Generate subscription button at [Paypal =>http://www.paypal.com], and have new users to be added to the premium members list automatically upon approved payments. If user will cancel subscription – he will be automatically and immeditately removed from the premium members list.
  • Support for 2Checkout.com integration for fully automated recurring and single product payments. With 2Checkout (similar to Paypal) you are able to sell recurring membership services quickly without requirement for customer to sign-up for any other third party services. This helps to overcome major limitation of Paypal that requires new customer to become a member of Paypal before joining your site on a recurring basis. 2Checkout support helps you streamline joining process for your prospects.
  • Support for ClickBank.com
  • Support for PayDotCom.com affiliate network. Promote your paid membership site through the army of affiliates and have PayDotCom track your direct and affiliate sales. MemberWing allows direct integration with PayDotCom.com API.
  • Support for e-junkie.com digital payment processing service affiliate network. Promote your premium membership site through e-junkie affiliates and use e-junkie’s facility to process Google checkout, Authorize.net and other payment processors. Note: only single (one time, non-recurring) membership payments are supported by e-junkie.
  • Support one time payments for non-recurring memberships added. Promote one time “lifetime” or single payments memberships. It makes sense for low retention businesses. Just create “Pay now” or “Buy now” button with Paypal, e-junkie, PayDotCom or other supported method and users will be able to pay and instantly join your membership site.
  • Paypal‘s “Subscribe“(recurring) , “Buy Product“(single payment) and “Buy service“(single payment) buttons are supported. Paid members are granted access automatically.
  • Integrated with iDevAffiliatepopular self-hosted affiliate tracking software (since MemberWing version 4.43).
  • Integrated with Rapid Action Profits! Current release of MemberWing (3.77 and up) includes add-on for integration with Rapid Action Profits (RAP). RAP is the powerful web marketing, sales and promotion system. It includes integrated affiliate marketing software, reseller, affiliate and joint venture management systems.
  • Supports 4 levels of membershipBronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    Allows you to open different contents to different classes of members and charge fees accordingly. You may use all 4 or just 1 membership level if wanted. The choice is yours.
  • No site redesign or any changes are necessary – you may add it to already existing blog or brand new site.
  • Protect pre-existing articles as well as the new ones.
  • Selectively protect articles. Allow mix of totally free and premium articles and pages.
  • Supports WordPress 2.7, 2.8+ including the most recent releases.
  • No other software installation required.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Supported System Requirements, please read carefully:
    Linux, PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, self hosted WordPress 2.7 or higher, and full support for IonCube technology on your hosting server.
  • Refund policy, please read carefully:
    We are happy to issue refund within 2 weeks of purchase if our software does not perform according to above specs on supported systems and we are not able to help.

What you are getting?
MemberWing (MW),
MemberWing-X (MWX)
WordPress membership site plugins
Free Edition
• No more than 10 members.
• Contains branded and sponsored backlinks

Professional One
Single domain
Professional Unlimited
Unlimited domains
TSI Edition
Time-Sensitive, Critical and Urgent Information delivery and management capabilities.
Single domain
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(includes both plugins)


(includes both plugins)

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Full Membership Site Functionality. In minutes.

Time-Sensitive and Time Critical Information delivery capabilities (TSI) with auto-indexing SEO rank boosting. TSI allows you to offer and manage access to time sensitive information, time-delayed information, real-time news, urgent advisories,
critical opportunity alerts and warnings directly through your membership website. Perfect for all financial advisors, investment managers, strategists, market research analysts and other professionals delivering premium, time-sensitive and valuable information.

1-minute conversion of non-membership site of any size to membership site to your specs.
Global category-wide management of premium information access functions.
Includes Integrated Affiliate Network with Instant Payment capability
(support tracking of Paypal payments only)
Includes ability to sell articles and pages separately for a single fee as well as by subscription
Ability to create and sell unlimited membership levels.
Source code is opened, non-encrypted
Simplicity: Download. Activate. Insert simple tags: {+++} (for MW) or {{{gold}}}(for MWX) to separate free teaser from permium contents and to make article premium. Done.
SEO (Search Engines) Optimized (specially optimized to help your premium membership site to get indexed and ranked by Google)
First Click Free feature allowing better promotion of your membership site on Search Engines. According to Google Recomendation.
Supports up to 4 levels of premium memberships: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Use all or just one. Note: MemberWing-X is not limited to just 4 levels.
No existing site changes are necessary. Convert your existing blog or site to membership site.
Any theme is supported.
Fast and lightweight. Less bugs. More joy.
Gradual Content delivery functionality. Separate plugin.
Allows for gradual prescheduled release of premium content to members (content dripping). Gives you benefits of:
* Older members will progressively get access to more content
* Content protection again leechers
* Longer staying paying members with recurring payment membership sites.
* Ability to launch multiple membership site portals operating on autopilot without your direct day to day involvement in a content release process.
Gradual Content delivery functionality support for unlimited domains
Premium Digital Downloads protection, protection against premium downloads link sharing, anti-theft measures with illegal sharing tracing ability (TraceFusion)
Enhanced Digital Download protection.
Ability to sell access to single downloads
Ability to sell access to groups of downloads
Ability to allow access to premium download materials to free members
Integrated with Rapid Action Profits (RAP).
RAP is all-in-one web sales and reseller management solution. It includes affiliate management, joint venture, secure digital product delivery with expirable links and other essentials for modern web marketing and sales enterprise.
Progressive and Mixed Content Protection. Allows intelligent mixing of different levels of content within the same article or page.
Membership automation:
New paid users are added to the list of premium members and given proper access automatically. No manual work required.
Membership automation:
Cancelled subscribers are removed from membership site system automatically. No manual work required.
AWeber autoresponder integration. Automatically add new members to your AWeber autoresponders.
MailChimp autoresponder integration. Automatically add new members to your Mailchimp autoresponders.
Recurring Payments automation + Membership automation support for Paypal “Subscribe” buttons. All button features are supported.
Membership automation support for Paypal “buy now” / “pay now” buttons. Useful for one-time or lifetime membership fee structures.
Membership automation support for Paypal “Products” as well as “:Services” buttons.
Membership automation support for PayDotCom.com affiliate network (must have account with paydotcom).
Full automation support for PayDotCom recurring billing (subscribe) and single payment memberships.
Promote your membership site via small army of PayDotCom affiliates and have new paying members to be added automatically.
Membership automation support with e-junkie.com shopping cart and affiliate network.
NOTE: MemberWing team just been nominated to became a member of e-junkie.com’s official developers directory.
Authorize.net payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) + membership automation support (adding new members only, via e-junkie.com).
Google Checkout payments + membership automation support (adding new members only, via e-junkie.com).
Full 2Checkout.com support and integration + membership automation support
TrialPay support + membership automation support (adding new members only, via e-junkie.com).
Unbranded version (no backlinks to memberwing.com site from membership articles).
License / ability to install MemberWing into unlimited number of domains.  
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(includes both plugins)
(includes both plugins)
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