MW Gradual Content plugin – scheduled content delivery for your membership site

Please note that MW Gradual Content plugin is now integrated into MemberWing Professional (One and Unlimited) as well as into MemberWing-X plugin
If you own or will be buying MemberWing or MemberWing-X plugin – you do not need to buy MW Gradual Content delivery plugin separately.
But if you want to add gradual content delivery functionality to your website (without owning MemberWing) then you need to get this plugin.

What is MW Gradual Content delivery plugin?

MW Gradual Content Delivery wordpress plugin allows you to gradually release content (articles) to your visitors and members, depending on how long reader been a member with your blog. The longer user been a member – the more premium content he will see compare to the guy that just joined.

With MW Gradual Content you can preload your membership site with an excellent content but your visitors will be exposed to it gradually on a predefined schedule. This process is automatic, once you uploaded the articles and specified maturity for articles.

You are able to specify maturity per article which gives you fine grain control over your content.

What’s the benefits of using MW Gradual Content plugin?

Gradual content delivery, also known as content dripping (as well as bleeding of content) elevates your online membership site business to a next level.

  1. Protects you from content leechers – people who subscribe, steal all your content and then unsubscribe (even requesting a refund).
  2. Ability to have your paying members to stay with your recurring membership site business for longer.
  3. Ability to automatically “evolve” your membership site’s content for premium members without your day to day involvement in the content delivery process.
    This opens doors for you to launch multiple automated membership site portals.
    Many membership sites could be launched with preloaded content prescheduled for gradual delivery.
  4. Fine grained control of delivery schedule on a per post / per article basis.
  5. Will work with other membership site software, such as WP Wishlist and others.

Your members will benefit from it as well. If your site is educational by nature – it will allow them not to get overwhlemed by lots of complex stuff and process and absorb information in a proper gradual step by step order.

All above benefits will translate into more money for your online membership business as well as happier and longer lasting relationship with your audience and customers.

How it works?

With MW Gradual Content Delivery plugin you use custom fields to specify ‘maturity‘ of each article in days. For the given article to be shown to member his maturity level (how long he has been a member) must be equal or exceeding the one specified. ‘Custom fields’ are small extra information areas available at the same screen where you editing your post/article – see picture below.

For example if specified article ‘maturity‘ is ‘60‘ then only users who been members for at least 60 days will be able to see the content of this article.
You specify each article maturity via custom field: ‘maturity‘ and set it’s value to a number of days.
Example: Key: maturity   Value: 30 – means for this article to be seen user must be a member for at least 30 days long with your membership site.



Specifying Article Maturity Level. Only members for at least 30 days could see this article.


What if “young” user will learn about URL from “old” user and try to access it?

He will see 404 error and will not be able to access this article until his membership term is mature enough.

I want to build membership site. Give me the list of what I need.

You need:

  1. Website + wordpress installed and configured. [Contact Us->contact] if you need help in that.
  2. Membership site software plugin. Membership site software will take care of automated payments and creation of user groups and permission levels (depends on complexity of given plugin).  There are many available, including our own MemberWing membership site plugin.
    Above 2 steps will take care of creation and management of users and protected areas on your site.
    If you want to be able to gradually release content to your members, enjoy protection again leechers and keep your paying members for longer then you need …
  3. MW Gradual Content delivery plugin.
    You may combine MW Gradual Content plugin with any membership site script or plugin, such as  with our own MemberWing Membership Site plugin. Although MW Gradual Content plugin was optimized and rigorously tested to work well with MemberWing. By combining both of these plugins you’ll get access to powerful fully featured membership site software solution.

I want fully featured but simple to use solution. I don’t have time to dig technology to make my business work. Is your software right for me?

  • With MemberWing membership site plugin you create premium content just by virtue of inserting little marker {+++} inside the content like this:
    Free teaser available to attract visitors and search engines {+++} Premium content visible only to members...    Done.
  • With Gradual Content plugin you schedule delivery of articles just by setting 1 custom field, for example:
    ‘maturity’ to ’30’ if you want this article to be visible only to ones who been members for at least 30 days.
    Rinse and repeat for other articles.

Can’t get simpler than that and that’s what our users are loving it for.

Note: MW Gradual Content plugin is already integrated with premium editions of MemberWing membership site plugin.

Although if you are using membership plugins from different vendors – you may purchase MW Gradual Content plugin separately to enhance features of your existing membership sites:

MW Gradual Content delivery plugin – Single Domain License $79.95
[sniplet buy mwgc1]
MW Gradual Content delivery plugin – Unlimited Domains License $149.95
[sniplet buy mwgcu]