MemberWing and IonCube support

MemberWing 4.x uses IonCube technology to protect integrity of it’s source code and prevent code tampering. IonCube support is required from your hosting company for MemberWing to work.
Most modern webhosters support IonCube automatically – so you don’t need to worry about it.

But when you try to activate MemberWing plugin and observe this error message:
Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” – it means IonCube is not currently enabled at your hosting space.
MemberWing code attempts to enable IonCube support for you. To test this  – try to re-activate MemberWing plugin second time.
If it will be activated successfully – you are all set. If you still observe an error – please do this:

  1. NOTE: Update: you may use MemberWing-X (5.x) instead of MemberWing (4.x) to avoid this error completely.
    If you want to use MemberWing (4.x) see below for the list of remedies.
  2. The most painless and quick way to setup IonCube is to contact your hosting company. Just send them email or call them and request IonCube support to be activated for you. They should and must be able to help.  It’s their job and they are taking your money for that type of support.
    IonCube setup is specific to each hosting company so they know how to do it – they 100% could do it themselves or at least can point you to clear point-and-click instructions on how to do that.
    If they ping pong your request or will not address it in a timely manner or refuse to do it – it’s a big red flag that you might be using wrong hosting company. Here’s our currently most recommended webhost company.

    If you want to try to remedy it yourself – here are instructions:

  3. Make sure you have Ioncube loaders (*.so and *.dll files) inside /MEMBERWING-DIRECTORY/ioncube/ directory,
    such as:*.so*.dll
    Free version of MemberWing might not have loaders included into it. In this case:
    – Please download FREE IonCube loaders from here . Extract the archive.
    – Upload files to your MemberWing directory so that the resulted files will be named like this:*.so
    – Make sure your blog root directory is writeable (chmod 777)
    – Make sure your ./wp-admin/ directory is writeable (chmod 777 wp-admin)
    – Make sure your ./wp-content/plugins/MEMBERWING-DIRECTORY/  is writeable (chmod 777) 
    – Make sure you rename all  php.ini and php5.ini files that might be located in these directories to other names, like:  php.BACKUP 
    – Reactivate MemberWing after that. MemberWing will try to re-created all required php.ini files and use existing ioncube loaders.
    – Chmod your blog root, wp-admin and memberwing directory back to 755:  chmod 755 dirname.



    If that still did not remedy your problem, access these help files:

  4. Diagnostic for your website:
  5. Another diagnostic for your website:
  6. IonCube website to get loaders if you are managing your own web server:

(substitute YOUR-WEBSITE-NAME and MEMBERWING-DIRECTORY with your specific names)

These page will run special code to present you information regarding IonCube support and possible remedies.

Some web hosting companies have Ioncube installed but disabled by default – and they need to “enable” it.  This is usually quick process.  As soon as customer (like yourself) contact your hosting company’s support and requests: “Please enable Ioncube support for my account” – they will do it for you or direct you toward instructions on how to do it.

If your hosting company does not support Ioncube or refuse to enable Ioncube support for you – we highly recommend to switch your webhosting company to the one that offers reliable services and support for  modern technologies.

Here is the best hosting company that we highly recommend and use ourselves.

Self help tips:

  • IonCube supports 64-bit Linux, Unix and MAC-based platforms.
    But if you are self-hosting on your own server and running 64-bit Windows / IIS – you need to setup 32-bit loaders for your 64-bit Windows. Here are instructions on how to setup PHP/32 on Windows/64 and then you may be able to use 32bit *.dll Ioncube windows loaders:
    (better though to run hosting off Linux rather than struggling with Windows)

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