WordPress Membership Site plugin MemberWing 2.0 released

It finally happened!

MemberWing 2.0 – the all new super improved and updated version of wordpress membership site plugin just been released. Fresh and warm off the hard working test press! :)

MemberWing is the only plugin in The World that support the following features at ZERO COST:

  • Up to 4 Levels of membership for webmaster to choose from.
  • SEO Optimized design, allowing search engines to index teasers of premium articles and drive traffic with more prospects toward your membership site right off the bat.
  • Fully automated Paypal membership payment system integration. As soon as user paid – system will join user automatically. As soon as member cancelled subscription – MemberWing plugin will remove him automatically.
    Let MemberWing process your payments and do housekeeping while you’ll be working on your great premium contents.
  • Simplicty of operation. I mean, just type inside your article this: {+++} and anything after that little marker would become “premium contents”, accessible only to premium members. Anything above that marker is a “teaser” visible and ranked by search engines and available for free visitors. Enough to get them excited to join your portal. Can’t get simpler than that.
  • Support any and all themes.
  • Support for old and new articles. Convert your good old stuff to “premium” money making contents if you wish.
  • Speed and performance.
  • Did I mention that it’s a bit cheaper than any other offering on the market?

‘Nuff Said.


[Download MemberWing plugin->wordpress membership site plugin memberwing]

19 thoughts on “WordPress Membership Site plugin MemberWing 2.0 released

  1. Hey great job! I just installed this plugin in my site. But I have problem making the payment and user creation button.

    I tried to create a payment option that provides free trial and then bill 9.95/month. I tested the button with my personal account but after subscription, user is not created and I couldn’t log in.

    I created the button using premier account.

  2. Hi Rick,
    could you send me the __log.php file that is located inside member-wing plugin folder?
    I’lll try to see whats going on there.


  3. What are the benefits of becoming a business partner for $150.00 what part of the business am I partnering with?

  4. Becoming business partner you are getting access to unbranded version and getting rights to install unlimited number of unbranded versions of MemberWing for yourself and your clients.
    Additionally to that you are getting exposure on our website on a front page and in sponsor’s section.


  5. Great plugin. I am having one problem with it though. When I click the login link in a post, and login, I am directed to the dashboard of the blog, not the article I was trying to get to. What do I need to do?

  6. This plugin looks great! Have a question though. Is there a way to have the new member sign-up also linked to an auto-responder so that the new member is registered on the blog, and is added to your mailing list at the same time?

  7. Hi Linda, currently not – but it is possible to add this feature. I will consider doing it in the future. So that blog owner would specify email address of autoresponder (my-list@aweber.com for example) and as soon as new user paid/approved – he will be added to autoresponder.


  8. Great plugin. can the paid versions be modified to work alongside WP email login plugin?
    my users log in by using email address and password, not username and password.
    so instead of the paypal text field Desired username: (skip step 6) and just ask user to select password?
    How can this be done?
    Thank you in advance :-)

  9. I was wondering where the signup page is located. I was wondering how they join for site membership.


  10. You need to create ‘join’ page yourself, put there description of your membership and paste Paypal’s ‘subscribe’ button code into it.
    That’s pretty much it.


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