Most wanted features for membership sites

Recently I’ve polled my subscribers on the list of most desirable features that they would like to have for their membership sites. Many of them already made it into most recent release of MemberWing. So here your wish list questions and my comments:

  • Desmond Ong (
    – Discount coupon codes for my membership site. They can get a cheaper subscription if they use a certain code.
    – One-time LIFETIME membership payment mode.
    • Answer:
      Both of these features could be implemented via e-junkie. E-junkie is an inexpensive “digital” shopping cart that is supported by MemberWing. It cost starting from $5 flat monthly. You may create a product at e-junkie named “Lifetime Membership” and integrate it with MemberWing so upon payment user will get logon immediately. Then use your e-junkie admin interface to generate discount coupon or gift certificate that users name be able to enter at checkout. It could be %-based, $-based, single use, multiple use, have expirations date, etc.. – very flexible and you can change it at any time to reflect current promotions.
      The only problem is that all will only work with single payment type of membership, not with recurring. E-junkie does not support recurring yet.
      Paypal supports entering coupons at a checkout but does not support generating coupons yet for reasons beyond me.
  • Nikola Jankovic (
    – recurring payment option
    – affiliate program for recurring payment
    – 2checkout payments
    • Answer:
      Recurring payments is supported via Paypal, and full membership automation is supported in MemberWing premium editions. Recurring payments + affiliate program is supported via PayDotCom. We are in process of integrating MemberWing with self-hosted scripts such as Post Affiliate Pro – coming soon.
      2Checkout payments are supported via e-junkie. The only thing to remember that e-junkie does not support recurring payments, although if you are ok with one-time membership scheme – it is great solution.
  • Kevin at IT Europe:
    1. Removal of the branding on the free version.
    2. Integration with Community Builder.
    • Answer:
      Branding removal is of course possible but not with free version. That’s minor inconvenience that allows us to release and update free version and for you to launch fully featured membership site in minutes. Professional Editions of MemberWing all has branding removed.
      Community Builder I think is from Joomla world. While MemberWing is for WordPress only for now – but in a future we might look into partnerships with able Joomla guys to bring simplicity and power of MemberWing to Joomla as well. Not there yet though.
  • Eric Scouten:
    1. I’m not interested in having multiple levels of membership and that seems to be pretty thoroughly built into MW.
    2. The state that I live in (Washington) requires that I collect sales tax for WA residents when selling access to digital downloads …
    • Answer:
      1. MW does support 4 levels of membership but it doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. You may use only 1 – no problems. It’s like owning BMW M5 – it can go to 238 km/h, but you don’t really have to drive that fast at all times. But potential is there in case you need it.
      2. Eric concerned about matching tax collections with local state requirements. This could be done via sophisticated shopping carts that might be aware of USA and local state tax codes. MemberWing does not do any shopping-carting and it won’t help you to buy more taxes for sure.
  • Jobmass. com:
    I’m using another plug-in to restrict access to certain posts and pages- the user has to log in first.
    Would be great to incorporate this feature into memberwing
    • Answer:
      That’s EXACTLY what MemberWing does. And it’s basic version is free even!
  • Likvid Design:
    Many people have subscriptions to tech sites from corporate accounts. This means that they’d like:
    – roaming accounts not locked to an email address
    – a good way to track and print receipts and invoices, preferably with billing history.
    It would be super if these features are added in.
    This is a great product! All the best to you.
    • Answer:
      MemberWing is not roaming account-aware app at this point. And definitely not going to be a competitor to Quickbooks or so for receipts/invoices/billing history tracking.
      What I see in a future is a possiblity of integration with other community softwares, like forums so that user will have single point payment and same login at different screens. Thank you for the kind words as well!
  • Auntie Jo:
    That one is easy – based on a question I asked just a little while ago.
    I like the ease of use of the “content markers” – so simple to set up!
    BUT I would like a feature where you could (if necessary) use ALL markers on a single page/post – to enable you to give your members an ever increasing view of the post/page depending on their level of membership.
    i.e on the same page or post .
    • Answer:
      Auntie is talking about having post like that:
      …Free content {+}Bronze content {++}Now silver content {+++} And this one is for Gold members only, etc…
      Auntie, sincerely I was going to start with excuses “why it’s not possible…blah”, but then decided to look into code :)
      So the real answer is – it is possible to do and will take me about 3 hours to implement which I currently don’t have. If I will see more commercial interest in this feature – it might happen. Cannot give any promises regarding this feature yet.
  • Daniel Correa:
    I appreciate so much this plugin and it’s very util to me.
    The answer 1) The capacibility to work with 4 kinds of member, because it’s perfect to my model
    2) Im brasilian and have working with a brasilian payment system called pagseguro ( . Works like paypal, and I wish a automatic system to control de payment of users. Actually is a manual process. Im not using paypal becaus it’s very hard to transfer money to my country.
    • Answer:
      Sorry Daniel, no plans to implement this Brazilian payment system for now.
  • Merka Dabzil:
    OK folks – here you go!
    – keep it simple. No need for another aMember…
    – maybe a module for safe (paid) downloads that can’t get ripped by any wannabe G00gle h4xx0r…
    – Only for WordPress. Period. And WordPress fully supported.
    – its cool you offer a version for free – but mentioning that it seems to be completely half-assed even without Paypal support only AFTER the download is somewhat… well, did encourage me not to install it. I would prefer a fully working time-limited trial so I can really decide what I am going to pay for.
    – option for fixed-term membership sites. No automatic infinite subscription, but limited to 12 months or 53 weeks of newsletter etc.
    …. ‘k, thats it for now…
    Seems to me like you almost nailed it. Some polishing, and this should do very well – there is a lot of demand for a simple and WORKING WP membership plugin.
    Cheers and keep up the great work!
    • Answer:
      – Safe downloads “module” is perfectly handled by ejunkie with which MemberWing works well. So the answer here is “yes”.
      – WordPress *is* indeed.
      – Well free version does support paypal but of course you’d need to add/remove users manually.
      – Option for what you name “fix term” membership sites is fully supported by Paypal “Buy”, “Pay now” buttons as well as via e-junkie’s facilities, as well as via PayDotCom affiliate network.
      Full automation of payments+users for above features is supported by MemberWing Professional
      – …and you’re right about polishing – doing it almost non-stop!
  • Phil Meyer:
    One feature which I think would be pretty great would be to optionally allow one’s members to post on the blog, and in doing so:
    * set how many times a member (according to level, but possible individual override) can post within a selected timeframe;
    * select whether a member’s post should be published immediately or pend review (according to level, but possible individual override – possibly also a “trust” system whereby a member’s posts are automatically published after x number of successful posts);
    * possibility to sell the ability to post at various levels to non-members.
    Something like that… :-)
    • Answer:
      These are interesting community-like features. At this point MemberWing offers webmaster to be the only publisher of premium contents. No prerequisites for managing other members publishing credentials. Thanks for letting me know about your features of interest though.
  • Dan Ashton:
    The ability to release new content every month would be great, so that someone joining six months after someone else only gets to see Month 1 content, for example).
    • Answer:
      Brownie point for Dan – he was first :)
      This is the next big feature that it currently in the works to get into the next major release of MemberWing. The only thing is once this feature will be announced – the cost of MemberWing Premium will go up big time – so to lock your cost base and get this feature – order Pro version *before* the announcement.
  • Ron Taggy:
    This plugin totally rocks…I have a big requirement and this is the main one that’s preventing me from using it completely on all my sites…
    * The ability to drip content, so members don’t get access to all the content at the same time. So, let’s say, I put out new content every single month. When someone joins today, I only want him to see Month 1 content and not everything at the same time. Each month, he will get access to the next set of content etc
    • Answer:
      You’ll get it. See my answer to Dan Ashton above.
  • Erlend Førsund:

    The biggest challenge in creating a membership site I think is to set up the payment functions with paypal.
    Some kind of tutorial or service would be very welcome.
    Erlend (Norway)

    • Answer:
      I do plan to put more detailed step by step tutorials on setting up paypal and other payment processors and affiliate networks. Step by step – more good stuff will come soon!


More answers will be coming soon!

33 thoughts on “Most wanted features for membership sites

  1. I think this plugin looks great. Before I go for it, I just wanted to clarify something. I’m planning on using video and Camtasia screenshots. Are these able to be protected as well? or is it just articles? does it protect pages? Can some of video get played, as some of article get played? Many ?’s ,but i hope you get the point.

  2. MemberWing protects pages *and* articles.

    You may put a link or embed video *after* premium marker – and no one will see it, only premium members.

    Although in theory some unhonest premium member could copy real link to camtasia video and send it to a non paying friend to see, if he’d click on video link directly.
    MemberWing does not protect against that case yet.
    Although even in case of full digital download protection – still very little could be done against unhonest member copying even protected video and protected content and distributing it by other means.


  3. Hello..Can I make bronze member is a free member, That’s mean user have to login to view the restrict content but not need to pay..Just register and subscribe with the option member subscriptions state.

  4. Hello..I’m install your free version plugin in new wordpress version 2.7. When I activate your plugin, I cannot edit my theme and plugin using built-in wordpress editor no more. Is it a bug?

  5. Hi, in your wordpress admin panel, goto Settings->General and set:
    1. Membership: [x] Anyone Can Register
    2. New User Default Role: “Bronze Member”.

    That would do.

    Re: bug in theme editor – never saw this happening because of MemberWing – if you could give me admin access to blog where it is happening I’ll be happy to check it for you – ust use contact form here on site.


  6. Hey!

    My quick question is this: Must
    it include the entire blog or
    does it allow own to have a
    stagnet page allocated for the
    membership feature?

    Yours is the second I’ve come
    across and like the other… It
    turns the entire blog into a full
    membership site.


  7. You can use it for one page and/or one article only and all others will be untouched.

    All flexibility is in your hands.


  8. Is it possible to limit by member the number of downloads made? (ie – bronze members can reach a max of 10 downloads from the site; silver can’t download more than 15 ect) that would be incredibly helpful. I am not seeing that option in ejunkie.

  9. Hi Catrina,
    MemberWing currently does not have any facility to regulate downloads by itself. Although e-junkie does allow you to sell and limit number of downloads per buyer.
    With E-junkie + MemberWing you may even create a one time membership fee by buying which user could become a member of your site *and* get a private download link to your choice of digital materials. You may also limit the number of downloads from that link if you prefer.


  10. Hi,
    I have quick question to ask.

    How can i setup the registration form on the free copy.
    I want some of my content to be read by register member only.

    Thank you

  11. Yes,

    1. Worpdress Admin->Settings->General->Membership [x] Anyone Can Register
    2. Worpdress Admin->Settings->General->New User Default Role = “Bronze Member” (or whatever default role you want him to be).


  12. Hi. Am I right to believe this membership site software only works if the WP blog is hosted on a server? (Rather than hosted at WP, I mean)



  13. Moneybookers payment feature!

    Moneybookers payment option, so the admin is able to enable Paypal and Moneybookers together, or only one of them.
    Why Moneybookers?
    It’s cheap and it prevent to get ripped by people who become a member, grab the content and demand a refund (whats possible with Paypal).
    At Moneybookers, paid = paid.
    No refunds possible by Moneybookers who act as a judge (like Paypal).
    So a webmaster is always able to decide himself whether he refund or not.

  14. Actually my new plugin – MW Gradual Content allows to achieve even better degree of protection by releasing content gradually to members. So new subscriber will not have access to all content at the same time. He needs to be member for a while (defined by admin) to get access to everything.


  15. No thats not what i mean actually.
    I just dont want anyone able to do chargebacks after they signup for a membership (bronze, silver, gold, whatever).
    I dont need the “new” and “old” members style, all members are equal in a certain membershippack (bronze, silver, gold, etc).
    So a member who is signed up for 2 years for the gold package is the same as a new one in the gold package.
    The only thing i recommend is Moneybookers, just because their low fees, impossible chargebacks and their well known name on the internet.

  16. Looking to be able to artificially Age a few members.

    I am about to launch my website, and the gradual content delivery came at the right time. Only thing is I have 3 people trialing my programs that will need to be aged 60 days so that when they become members they will be able to access the new content.


    PS With Gradual Content delivery I personally don’t like the idea of impossible charge backs (moneybookers)as to me it means you are probably ripping off your customers when they want a refund.

  17. Actually great idea Lynell :)
    This will ensure members wont quit their membership fast after they pay for a single month and rip the content.
    Well another important point is limit the difference of IP’s (its build-in in another membership plugin already and i should not mention the name of it here).
    This feature limit members ip addresses, so login sharing will become impossible.

    If member John find some great stuff and will share it will all his friends just by giving his login details, the script works like a mousetrap.
    It locks the account and send the details to the admin.
    You can set it such as:

    “limit ip for members to XX different ip’s”

    Where XX can be 3, 26, or only 1 (depends on the preferences).

    This is absolutely a MUST HAVE to prevent lurkers and thiefs stealing your content.

  18. Oops… didnt read the comment of Lynell clearly.
    Well the Moneybookers payment option will be just an option in the adminpanel.
    So actually choose between Moneybookers OR Paypal… or Moneybookers AND Paypal.
    As mentioned in my post where i extremely advice Moneybookers, the admin is always able to decide to refund if he/she find he/she have to.
    So that has nothing to do with rip offs.
    If you create a disclaimer/policy where you mention such things it would not be any problem.
    But many people face the problem that there are too many thieves who create an account, rip the content and demand a refund (mostly by Paypal).
    To prevent such problems i suggested Moneybookers as a perfect solution.
    Moneybookers has a well known name on the internet, has low fees, and prevent “professional” refunders (thieves).

    I hope with this reply im more clear :)

  19. This plugin does not do what they promise!

    Seriously, If youre looking to buy a plugin for membership blogs this plugin does only the half of what they say on their site.

    I purchased this plugin at $99 a few days ago, and here is what I discovered. I needed a plugin for membership blog and like everyone else I was blind sighted by the promises that I saw on this plugin website about USER SUBSCRIPTION AUTOMATION. Now they are dependent on PayPal for this feature. So, here is what they replied to me on my request:

    There are 3 ways to have person register with membership site:
    1. Send him to to register as “subscriber”
    2. With memberwing – without charging him any fees: follow these instructions:
    3. With MemberWing by creating “join” page, creating “subscribe” button via paypal, pasting paypal “subscribe” button into “join” page and following instructions here:

    I choose the 3rd option and did everything by books but heres what I found when testing it! When users Subscribe and checkout on PayPal its MANDATORY that they create a PayPal account unless they have one, fair enough and understood because PayPal is responsible for managing user subscriptions so it needs to keep a record of user information their subscription date etc. Seriously No offense, but I think this process should have been integrated into the plugin itself, which is not the case and here’s what I get in another reply from my support request:

    You are correct in your estimation that some users would not like to join Paypal to join membership site.
    It could be too much hassles for people and lost sales for membership site business owners.

    I would rather not get into full blown e-commerce shopping cart development but use existing services.
    One of the viable alternative to Paypal is They do support recurring payments and seems to allow API for integration with other scripts.

    I will look into integrating 2CO in memberwing as next enhancement.

    Thank you for your detailed concern!


    Pretty comforting thought, now I have client who needs this system up and running before this guy pulls off his sleeves and finishes up with the integration. Screw them! I can’t wait for that long and neither does my client, so here’s what I did I purchased another plugin hopefully which has all the promises they make!


  20. Hi Anirudh,
    To implement full blown recurring payments tracking such as sign-ups, cancellation, free trials, different terms, billing retries on failure and so on – is not impossible but is very time intensive work to create, support and then to convince people that it is actually better than other recurring payment processing and shopping cart services that offer that already.
    Regarding Paypal – bear in mind that lots of people (tens of millions+) already have Paypal accounts with some leftover cash and leaving this option out of picture completely could actually hurt your business.
    I would rather suggest offering to new members Paypal + another option of choice.

    Although I had similar request from another client who had concerns about Paypal force-signup model. I made in-depth research of all possible payment processing and shopping cart options with recurring model support. To be useful the given shopping cart need to support API to be able to be integrated with software (such as wordpress plugins)
    Suggestions were:

    Moneybookers does it all plus offering some sort of protection against chargebacks – but is not friendly for North American market. This is show stopper. offers API only for most expensive accounts – $99/mo + as they replied later does not offer API support for recurring payments. – does and have it all. – requires merchant account and majority of membership site owners are not willing to open it (also it does not support Canadian markets – thats where I am).

    So my choice for next enhancement is 2CO.
    2CO also supports Paypal from within as well as you may offer Paypal option in parallel to it (to save on charge a bit). And so I think membership business owners as well as their customers will benefit from having 2CO as payment option in the best possible way.



  21. Hi Gleb,

    If i understand you well you are not going to integrate Moneybookers?
    Sad to hear that.
    And that only because of a few people of North America are having some problems with Moneybookers versus the rest of the whole world (or your Memberwing clients are 95% North Americans, yes then i understand you completely).
    I dont understand that thought, it really makes no sense to me, but ok.
    As you mentioned, Moneybookers does it all plus offer a chargeback protection.
    Another advantage of Moneybookers is is that it is used by many online poker players, and since poker is very booming, many people might already have a Moneybookers account, and thus ready to pay via Moneybookers and/or with Paypal.

    Second is, im not really sure between 2CO or but one of these pay merchants after 60 days everytime.
    With such company i wont even think of doing business with.
    A customer purchase something, 60 days later you get paid (the company freeze the amounts).

    Again Gleb, very sad to hear this.
    I really hope you’ll think twice about it.

  22. Hi Robert,
    I didn’t say I am *not* going to integrate with moneybookers.
    It’s just I have to go the path of least resistance and more people are asking me for 2Checkout vs other payment systems.
    Most of sales are coming from North America so obviously I have to make sure that most demands are met first.


  23. Hi,

    A couple of suggestions.

    1. upsell page(s) after existing user logins
    2. integration with aweber (allow free users to register as member and be added to our aweber list automatically)

  24. How about integration with clickbank? They process recurring payments, and have an integrated affiliate program – at no upfront charge to the owner.

  25. Clickbank forces merchants (you) to offer your customers a 60 day 100% refund policy.
    Its fraud sensitive….

  26. Gleb,

    Is there a way to easily import users from another (PHP/MySQL) membership script?

    I think I’m using the same one Pattricia is using. lol


  27. Well, MemberWing is already integrated with Clickbank.
    Regarding importing userbase from other membership script – it is possible.
    It will probably involve a bit of custom work – but should be doable. Contact me via contact form on the site with more specific details.


  28. This would be great if you could have protected sidebars.

    How can we easily (via code hacking or update to plug) protect the data, with membership levels, in the sidebars?

    Does anyone else see the importance of this option?
    Please let me know what we can do…Thanks!

  29. I want to be able to customize the email that is sent to the new members once their payment is made. The email that they receive should contain a link to allow them to click and go to the site from the email that sends them the user name and password. Please let me know where we can add this and any other text to this welcome/creidentials email.



  30. MemberWing admin options panel has section to customize email that is sent to customers. Exactly as you asking for.


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